The highest volcano in Europe offers unique landscapes. The Etna excursion allows you to walk along its craters and enjoy a breathtaking view

A special adventure with an Etna excursion

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Whether you arrive (or come back) in Sicily by plane or by car, sooner or later a huge mountain will appear in front of you, and looking at it you will feel small and powerless. A view that fills your eyes: Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, with its 3343mt has lot to offer if you decide to venture on its peaks. 
Its volcanic activity dates back to 500.000 years ago and even today it influences the volcanology and the geophysics. For its natural and geographical features,  in the 2013 Mount Etna was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
So let’s see now what it means to take part to an Etna excursion.

One of the top things to do in Sicily: our Taormina Etna tours  for an unforgettable experience

To visit Etna means to get prepared for an hard climbing, to put your shoes in the black sand, walk along its paths, to feel warm and to feel cold, to pick up the lava stone and to feel it light and rough, to admire the panorama from one side, and the destruction from the other one. But once on the top, the view is stunning and on the edge of the crater you will hear the wind talk, but only to the one who will able to hear it. 
With our Taormina excursions Etna you will have the chance to enjoy the wonderful view that this majestic volcano has to offer, and at the same time you will have the possibility to visit Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean.  
During this tour with departure from Messina, there will be first the Etna excursion: we will reach the Rifugio Sapienza at 1900 mt where you can visit the Silvestri Craters. Then you will leave for Taormina. Here you can enjoy the visit of the city with a walking tour with one of our guides, or, if you prefer, by  yourselves. Among the Taormina activities one not to be missed is the visit to the Greek-Roman Theatre, with a wonderful view on the Ionian coast and the Etna volcano, but also enjoying a granita or an arancino, our local street food. All of these activities could be included into a day trip from Taormina during which you can also have a little visit to Castelmola, a tiny little village where you can taste the typical almond wine, while enjoying a great view on Taormina from the above.  
With the Etna excursion Wine you will have the possibility to visit one of the several winery on the Etna slopes, while trying the local tasty food and have a wine tasting. In fact, thanks to the porosity of its black sand, the Etna slopes are very fertile, and they are the perfect ground for the cultivation of vines. Here they produce superlative and ancient red wines, known since the XIV century. The black gold of Sicily is the hush of its volcano, which for thousands of years secretly protects the vineyards from the attacks of the phylloxera.

What to do in Sicily: try an excursion Etna

Once you come to Sicily, an Etna experience is absolutely something not to be missed.  
The Rifugio Sapienza is one of the main point of departure for many Etna trekking excursions. There are lots of tours towards the main crater, but also some other activities: among these, there is the Etna train that allows you to visit the Silvestri Craters, the observatory and the Monte Vetore, which is the original volcanic crater. 
For the most adventurous ones, the ideal Etna excursion could include a six-hours path with the support of a professional guide. But if you don’t like to walk a lot, you can anyway arrive to the central crater on the top with an half an hour journey by cable car.

Etna trekking: the perfect Etna experience for those who love the sport

If you decide to try the experience of an Etna excursion you need to know that there are many possibilities, and that to visit Etna does not mean only seeing the craters. Indeed, the Etna regional park, founded in the 1987, offers several opportunities for trekking and nature lovers. So you will have the possibility to live unforgettable moments with your family and friends, with a focus on sport and nature, and overall, far away from the stress of everyday life. This kind of tours could be arranged also as a day trip from Taormina, if you are staying there.  
To visit Etna in an adventurous way, you have to try one of the many paths, discovering hidden caves created inside the lava stone after the eruptions of the past. To access, a speleologist helmet may be required. Pay attention: most of these paths are not signed on the way, and for safety reasons the entrance is allowed only with a professional guide that will make your Etna trekking experience funny and pleasant.

Catania Etna excursions

There is also a wide range of Catania Etna excursion if you decided to stay there. Then, after having explored this wonderful city,  you can leave for your Etna experience with the possibility of pick-up at your accommodation. Along your climb to the top by jeep or by minivan, you will be accompanied by the tour guide, that will show you the history of the eruptions, the majestic lunar landscapes and the ancient lava flows.  
Another example of Catania Etna excursion could be the visit to the extraordinary Valle del Bove, a safari crossing lava valleys and forests and finally a stop to taste and enjoy the local food. This will make your Etna excursion absolutely unforgettable. 
Visit Etna in the summer, but if you love skiing come back in winter to have the chance of skiing with a sea view from the top of the mountain. There are two ski resort, one in Nicolosi and the other one in Piano Provenzana, both of them equipped with a ski lift, cable car and a wide range of ski slopes to a height of 2700 mt.  
There is not a best moment to enjoy an Etna excursion, it depends about you and your attitude. It is a fact that the “Mountain” will welcome you in every season with an always different look: so, don’t miss the show of the queen dressed in green in spring, black and naked in summer,  red in autumn and robed in white in winter.

Visit Etna: some practical advices

Now that you are motivated to hit the road to an Etna excursion, do you have anything else to know? We will give you a series of practical advices that may be useful in order to let you live a peaceful and safe Etna experience.  
We suggest you to leave well equipped to face the climb at your best. A good physical preparation will be very useful but it is not necessary. In this regard take with you a pair of proper shoes if you are thinking about the Etna trekking experience, water and some snacks. If you travel with children, pay attention and anyway do not ever get away from the guide. If you would like to venture up to the top, don’t forget to take with you a windbreaker even in summer: on the top there is always wind and the weather could be a bit cold.  
While if your Etna excursion foresees the enjoyment on the snow in winter, take with you your equipment, but don’t worry if you can’t: it is possible to rent them in site.  
Finally, be prepared also to sudden weather changes: the mountain is always unpredictable.      
Your Etna experience will be a moment to collect unforgettable memories, so get ready for one of the most beautiful experiences in your life.