COLLABOrate with us

We are please to host, in our service facilities, undergraduate, graduate and all those willing to have the requirements to undertake a work experience of high-level dynamic.


Discover Messina Sicily in agreement with the Parish of St. Mary of Jesus Superior and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Messina, on April 9 2011,with its own members and sympathizers, has started works of cleaning, remediation and recovery of the area where there are the remains of the ancient monastery of “Santa Maria di Gesu”(superior) in the village called Ritiro, place where was buried on Febbruary 1479, according to his will, Antonello da Messina.
The area, abandoned for years, used in a wrong way by many citizens as a large open dump, today was finally brought to light.
The maintenance and redevelopment activities of the volunteers continue every Saturday afternoon.
Join us! We wait for you!
This convention has also contributed to the opening and to the use of some of the most important cultural heritage of the city, first of all the ancient Arab-Norman Church ofSS. Annunziata dei Catalani.

If you have time we wait you to help us to make more accessible this wonderful place

Stage and Apprenticeship Training

The tourist services, as the reception activities and multilingual tourism promotion, that Discover Messina Sicily performs on the territory are an extraordinary opportunity also for the professional training of many young people and not only, wishful to expand and deepen their own knowledge, having the possibility to practice in an active and dynamic way the use of the foreign languages and to know better the studies about the cultural heritage of the city.
Discover Messina Sicily is pleased to host, in its service facilities, secondary school students of II degree, undergraduate, graduate and all those willing who are eligible to pursue a multilingual work experience, being able to integrate many learners in a system of services already operative, offering a lot of opportunities of apprenticeship training and traineeship.
Discover Messina Sicily is affiliated with the University of Messina in the quality of campus host institution, internships and apprenticeships.
Discover Messina Sicily is affiliated with the Authorities of Training for Work, hosting stages in the in tourism, food and wine and cultural sectors.

Work with us

Discover Messina Sicily selects young people and not only which must have a keen sense of hospitality, a critical and creative mind, temperamentally predisposed to integration and teamwork.
The main requirement is the love for our land, seasoned by a desire to contribute with enthusiasm and professionalism to the development of regional marketing, the promotion of cultural heritage and attractiviness, natural and man-made, that characterize the city and region.

If you have a good knowledge of at least two foreign languages then you’re ready to be one of us.
You too can become part of the great family of Discover Sicily Messina!

Are you ready for this new adventure?