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Experiences in Messina

There are many reasons to fall in love with Messina, it’s certain that nature did its best and men’s ability dis the rest… “if it’s true that cities have been as people, they show their different personalities to the traveler…cit. Roman Payne)
Messina shows a great Energy
… to tell the truth, it’s difficult to give a priority to what represents it more: landscape, culture, art, but, in all these things, it’s certain that the traveler completely understands this hard choice…

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…in telling history…

Messina stands in the geographic center of the Mediterranean Sea. Greeks founded the city between 757 and 756 BC, according to Eusebio, with the name “Zancle” (in Sicel, “zanclon”) because of the natural sickle shape of the port. Around 264 BC, becoming Mamertine, it was conquered by Romans and, after the decline of the Great Empire, it was dominated by Byzantines since 535 up to 842, year in which it was submissive by Arabs.

It reborn in 1061 after the Norman conquest, reaching a so high prosperity that it became Capital of the Reign of Sicily, as well as Palermo.

They were centuries of great prosperity, so that it was the richest Sicilian city… rich over every imagination, second only to Naples, in Southern Italy. During the Spanish domination, in 1674-78, it was rebel towards the Crown and, due to its great pride, suffered the hard repression so that it was nullified its status of city “governed with its own Senate”.

It was seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1783. It joined in the Reign of Italy, after the “Expedition of the Thousand” led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, in 1860.

In spite of the second devastating earthquake in 1908 and destructions during the Second World War (it was bombed 2805 times by allied), the city counts still today enviable testimonies of its noble past. Every apparently hidden treasure, every corner, every alley, every objet, even if the smallest and precious, tell the accomplishments of men who left unforgettable marks, for the memory, magnificence and glory of “the Queen of the Strait”….

…walking among myths, artists, art, culture and nature

If you walk along the coastline, you will know why the ancient Greeks, who travelled along the route from Greece to Cuma, in order to indicate the force of the waters (Strait of Messina) facing the city, identified two myths, “Charybdis” and “Scylla” that, still nowadays, everyday fight their battle.

You will know why “Fairy Morgana”, once she left her half-brother King Arthur at the slopes of Etna, chose the “Strait of Messina” as her home and her several wizardries still perform on the sea surface.

You will know why Antonello da Messina, eminent XV century painter and beloved Messina’s son, portrays his homeland in the background of some of his paintings, honoring the city eternally.

William Shakespeare in his comedy “Much ado about nothing”, Giovanni Boccaccio, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Silvio Pellico, Friedrich Nietzsche and many others, set their stories in Messina. All you have to do is read their works.

Great lineages and dynasties had demanded eminent architects built important works, other had erected fortifications in order to defend it.

Nowadays, man founds parks and natural reserves taking part in the preservation of the surrounding nature, the “Strait of Messina” becomes a candidate in order to be UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Get ready for this journey, only in this way you will see everything clear.

…discovering flavours…

Reaching Messina means to get ready for an experience that, besides involving mind and soul, also implicates own five senses through the palate. Typical products and local dishes, excellent wines, 0-Kilometre fruit, and fresh fish. What more could you ask for?
A distinguishing feature of Messina people is enjoying a good breakfast, sweet and not salted. They have the special coffee granita and cream (there are other flavours, lemon, strawberry, peach) and brioss… this routine has spread out all over Sicily, but the authentic and original one was born in Messina.
For those who want to have a short break at noon, we recommend the typical Messina focaccia, unique all over Sicily because, among the ingredients, “scarola riccia” (endive) is used.
For lunch or dinner you can eat fish, ranging from seafood to blue fish, from swordfish to tuna, all fished exactly in the Strait of Messina. Typical recipes include stockfish (North-European fish), meat rolls (called “braciole”) … and much more. Wine and typical sweets…


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