Discover Acicastello and Cyclops Greek mythology

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For the lovers of Cyclops Greek mythology, it is impossible to miss in Sicily the city of Acicastello, famous in particular for the myth of Odysseus and Polyphemus. According to the legend Polyphemus hurled against Ulysses rocks from Etna volcano. They are named "Faraglioni", which are big lava rocks due, during the centuries, to the several mt etna eruptions, known today as a tourist attraction near the coastline of Aci

The city of Acicastello is full of history in particular because of the presence of its castle, which is one of the most known castles in Sicily. It was built during the Norman conquest in Sicily, in the year 1076, and it was built at the top of black lava stones. It is also considered one of the most fortified normans castles because of its strategical position. today the castle hosts one of the most famous natural history museums, where you can find archeological exhibits. Today we can find just a few original structures of the first castle: in the central area of the castle, there is the original tower; at the entrance, it is possible to see the ruins of the mechanism of the bridge; there is also a chapel that someone thinks it is byzantine and a terrace overlooking the coastline. A room of the castle is dedicated to Jean Calogero, an international painter who loved Sicily and its natural beauties. The courtyard hosts a small botanical garden with typical plants of the Mediterranean vegetation.

In the second half of the XII century, there was a terrible earthquake that destroyed the city and the inhabitants were forced to find refuge in the surroundings, founding other cities that today have the same prefix "Aci" in their names as Aci Trezza, Acireale, etc. Another earthquake, in 1693, provided new destruction, spreading out the flourishing of Sicilian baroque style buildings, especially churches.

People who visit Acicastello today fall in love not only with the castle but also because of the presence of black beaches due to the several mt etna eruptions. furthermore, Acicastello is very closer to one of the airports in Sicily: Catania.

Come with us to visit the city and the castle of Acicastello, where history and Cyclops Greek mythology fit perfectly.