o ur grandparents told us about an extraordinary man who with his art was able to realize unique works of art which were telling the history and the emotions. – “iddu ci sapia fari, era ‘spettu” – “He knew how to work, he was good”- they told us.
We became adults and the willing of understand and discover took us to travel and discover other places, beautiful and wonderful, but there was missing a key piece in all history.We tried to fill our voids starting right from the silent observation of the paintings of this artist, colors, shapes, lights and why conveyed great excitement. We sought the support of major art experts and national history. There was given. We decided, therefore, to become ourselves storytellers of our Messina and our Sicily, to tell it all through the pictorial language, through the eyes of this extraordinary man, known throughout the world as …

Antonello da Messina

From this man, born NPO “Trapper”

In 2008 born “Trapper2, NPO, based in Messina, whose purpose is the promotion of the territory, the promotion of the historical-artistic-environmental heritage, the development of the tourism and the professional training to facilitate the insertion in the world of work to the young people and the disadvantaged. (Dl. 381/91). In 2011, Trapper, done a project called DISCOVER MESSINA SICILY.

What is “Discover Messina Sicily”?

The Discover Messina Sicily is an innovative system of tourist services which has developed through the partnership with the companies operating in the transport sector and with which a wide network of tourist itineraries has been activated connecting the most important cultural sites of the city with pedestrian areas, carriage, train, taxi and bus buses for the knowledge of the cultural, artistic and monumental heritage, in particular of the historic center of Messina.

An instrument that is useful for expanding the tourist-cultural system of the area integrating activities and natural and artificial attractions, in order to improve the “TERRITORIAL TOURISM AND / OR TOURIST OFFERING SYSTEM”.

The service system is expanded to include other territories: Taormina, Etna, Savoca, Aeolian Islands, Castelmola, Alcantara Gorges, Tindari, Catania, Palermo.

Our business scope

  • Cruising

    The “Discover Messina Sicily” services have been applied since 2012 to the cruise ship tourism sector, well-known in the ports of Messina and Catania. To cruisers who land in this ports are offered a range of ground services whose range offers a wide choice. From the walking tour, to carriage tours, tourist train, open top bus, quad, horse, fast ships and helicopter. From 2013 to 2016 thanks to our work, we receive the certification of excellence from TripAdvisor.

  • Traditional tourism

    Our services are also applied to traditional tourism, representing all the tourist requests that they intend to access.

  • Projects and Cultural Activities

    Our services, related to projects and cultural activities, are mainly addressed to the area of Messina.

  • Education and Training Courses

    Our services, related to education and training courses, are mainly directed to the territory of Messina.

Education / Didactic laboratories

In collaboration with the public administration of Messina were realised didactic laboratories having as theme: Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Identity Messinese, who see each year the participation of pupils of the town schools, with visits and days of front / office activities for the enjoyment of cultural heritage, promotion and multilingual tourism.

During the scholastic years 2014/ and 2015 was proposed and actualised the “AT SCHOOL WITH ANTONELLO” project which has seen the active participation, didactic laboratories, of 3000 pupils of Messina of the primary and secondary schools.

Management of Cultural Sites

Direct management, in agreement with the owners and co-management with other partners, of the reception and visits at: The Church SS. Annunziata dei Catalani; The Church of St. John of Malta with the annexed Palatine Museum and Chapel; The Temple and Shrine of “Christ the King”; The Sanctuary “S. Maria di Montalto “; The Palace of the Mount of Pietà; The Municipal Antiquarium with the annexed spaces where the archaeological excavations of Palazzo Zanca fall; The former Church of St. Mary of the Alemanni; The Palace of Culture “Antonello da Messina”; The Forti Umbertini, “Serra la Croce” in Curcuraci and “Campone” in the town of Musolino.


Progettazione, ’ allestimento, realizzazione, della mostra itinerante delle riproduzioni delle Opere di Antonello da Messina con relativa gestione delle visite, fruizione e servizi di accoglienza, inaugurata nel febbraio 2012 presso il palazzo della cultura “Antonello da Messina”.


Nel 2016 “Discover Messina Sicily” applica i propri servizi per l’apertura e gestione della “Mostra delle armi antiche, artistiche e rare” della collezione del Prof. Gaetano Ori Saitta” ubicata presso l’ex Palazzo della Provincia Regionale di Messina, oggi sede della Città Metropolitana di Messina.

Recupero e gestione beni culturali

Fra le applicazioni più significative dei servizi “Discover Messina Sicily” si annovera il recupero e la gestione dell’area dove ricadono i resti dell’antico Monastero di S. Maria di Gesù Superiore, di villaggio Ritiro, luogo in cui trovò sepoltura Antonello da Messina.
A tal proposito è stata attivata una collaborazione con il Comitato Nazionale per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Storici, Culturali e Ambientali, presieduto dal prof. Silvano Vinceti. Il noto archeologo, dopo le straordinarie scoperte su Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio e la Monna Lisa, ha più volte visitato la città dello Stretto con l’intento di redigere e
sovrintendere un programma di scavi e di ricerca per riportare alla luce i resti mortali di Antonello da Messina

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