Eolie tour, not just Lipari and Vulcano

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Summer is almost upon us, so it's time to decide where to spend your holidays! And if summer is synonymous with sea and sun and you are looking for a places that perfectly embodies these two elements, what better solution than an Eolie tour?

These islets are located in the northern part of Sicilian coast, and from its major centres depart, from April to October, the Eolie tour as, e.g the Stromboli excursions, very popular among Italian and foreigner tourists. There are several and different Eolie tour, from the daily Stromboli tours on board a Stromboli cruise that allows to see one or at most two islands a day, or to take a multi-day Eolie tour, which gives the opportunity to base on an island and from there leave with a Stromboli boat tour for another destinations.

Eolie Tour: which island to choose?


The easiest way to leave for an Eolie tour is to choose Milazzo as a point of departure and arrival. But, before going on the adventure, let's get to know the islands better by taking a virtual Eolie tour that will allow you to understand, once you arrive in Milazzo, on which of the many Stromboli cruise to embark to reach the destination(s) that you prefer!

The most famous Eolie tour are Lipari-Vulcano or Panarea-Stromboli volcano tour, that are also the best equipped 4 islands for tourist accommodation. Let's find them out in detail:

  • Panarea-Stromboli volcano tour: the first stop is Panarea, the smallest and for many, also the most beautiful island of the Eolie tour. In summertime, it is probably the "less island" since one does not find oneself in a remote and depopulated place, but in the heart of the Aeolian worldly life. This Eolie tour includes walk among its narrow streets surrounded by white houses with the classic blue doors, otherwise, for the laziest people, there is the possibility take the “panariote” After Panarìa, as it is called in our Sicilian dialect, the Eolie tour onboard the Stromboli cruise continues with the Stromboli volcano tour, the volcano whose activity never ceases; so, let’s go for a fantastic Stromboli volcano tour by night! But, before leaving Panarea to Stromboli, you will coast along so many rocks and islets among which you will notice the massive presence of yachts in which Italian and foreigner VIPs organise their parties. At this point, your Eolie tour arrives on Stromboli, the youngest island. Stromboli excursion is certainly the most exciting of all the Eolie tours, as it offers the possibility of seeing the eruption of the volcano and the sciara of fire that flows into the sea. For us, inhabitants of Messina and province, Stromboli is a fixed presence on the horizon, almost familiar, for this reason we use to call it “Iddu", that is to say “He”. Seeing the Aeolian Islands from Milazzo and in general from the whole Tyrrhenian coast of Messina, is a unique spectacle of nature and also gives us the idea of ​​geographic and spiritual proximity between the island major and the minor islands. We are sure that if you choose this Eolie tour it will be an unforgettable experience that you will recommend to relatives and friends and that you will want to repeat!


  • The most classic of the Eolie tour is certainly the one that stops off in Lipari and Vulcano. Lipari is the elder sister and probably also the best connected among the islands. In addition to sunbathing on its pleasant beaches, we recommend you a visit to the archaeological museum, in which you can see the ancient rests that testify that the island has been inhabited since prehistoric Vulcano is also the island for trekking lovers, so that you can climb to see its extinct crater that only emits fumaroles and from there you can enjoy the view of the Aeolian archipelago from above. Thanks to the sulphurous emissions and the volcanic nature of the island allows you to bathe in its muds that have cosmetic and therapeutic qualities.

The less chosen Eolie tour are Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina. Alicudi lacks of roads, there are few inhabitants and there are no tourist attractions; it is probably the most "island" of all. Not even Filicudi is one of the most sought-after Eolie tour, but it attracts niche tourism made up mainly of hikers and archeologists attracted by the village of Capo Graziano, where in the Bronze Age a peculiar and well recognisable culture developed. Finally, Salina is the island chosen by the Italian director Massimo Troisi as the setting for his latest film and life work, "Il Postino".

Whether you decide to take a daily Eolie tour or to stay a couple of days to relax yourself away from the chaos of the cities, we can only wish you a good holiday and we  hope that you will choose  one of the proposed Eolie tour! We, guides of Sicily, will be very happy to welcome you to let you discover the soul of our island and to share our culture with you!