Etna excursions: discover Sicily from above

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Visiting the mount Etna is of course one of the top things to do in Sicily  throughout the year. The highest active volcano in Europe offers unique landscapes and different opportunities of Etna excursions for everyone: so, alone, in couple, with your family or with your friends enjoy an Etna experience in the nature.

Etna excursions: visit the Sicilian panoramic terrace

An Etna experience is the best choice if you love the sport and the nature. Go and venture on its slopes, reach the top and enjoy a stunning view above the Ionian coast. You will walk on its paths among the ancient lava flows and you will be seduced by this incredible natural sanctuary, dominating the landscape around from the highest point of Sicily.

Among the whole amount of excursions on the volcano, you can chose between a Catania Etna excursion, a Messina Etna excursion or a combined tour Etna and Taormina. The “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, as Taormina is known, is a great opportunity to experience the real Sicilian atmosphere, with its colors, its tiny streets and the wonderful natural views. If you are looking for things to do in Taormina Sicily, you will be astonished by the traces that the past left on this land. Taormina was one of the very first Greek colony in Sicily: this is the reason why even today you can admire the Greek-Roman Theatre, considered as a treasure of the town. So, walk on its stones, discover its history and enjoy a breathtaking view on the Ionian coast and on the Mount Etna: this is only one reason why among the things to do in Sicily Taormina is one of the top spots.

Starting one of the Etna excursions is the best choice if you want to try the experience of having fun while doing trekking on a volcano, walking through the ancient lava flows, on the black sand. The classic excursion is the one that leads you to the top, on the central craters. Enjoying the landscape on your way to the top, you will be accompanied by a professional guide, who will ensure you the safest and the funniest tour, while explaining the history of the volcano and its eruptions, showing you the impressive show of the active crater: you will collect unforgettable and breathtaking memories. This kind of tour can also be arranged in one of the Catania excursions if you decide to stay in this city.

The perfect Etna experience may also include a visit to the stunning Valle del Bove, a lava valley where during the past the pouring lava flowed in. A good spot to enjoy a wonderful view on the Valle del Bove is the close Monte Zoccolaro.

There are many Etna excursions available for adults and children. Our suggestion for a trekking experience is an excursion starting at 1900 mt above sea level: it is a 3 hours walking route with a professional guide who will accompany you though the several paths of the volcano, and you will cherish forever the memory of the majestic lunar landscape. This excursion will end to the Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi, where a delicious tasting of local products will be waiting for you, as a prize after the hard time climbing: you will enjoy the real Sicilian taste through its arancini, cheese and Etna wine.

If you are attracted to the snow, you should absolutely try the fun of skiing on a volcano with a sea view or going for a snowshoe walk.

Volcanic adventures, will you?

More than the classic tour on the craters, you will also love the most adventurous of our Etna excursions: the Mountain Bike experience and the Etna in Helicopter tour.

  • The Mountain Bike Etna experience: starting from the Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi, this excursion is an alternative opportunity for those who are passionate with sport and adventure to explore the volcano by bike, going along the lava paths, ending with a tasting of local products. If you don’t have your equipment, the Chalet gives you the possibility to rent everything locally.
  • The Etna in Helicopter tour: it is perfect for those who love having adrenaline experiences and of course, who are not afraid of heights. Sometimes is good to change your point of view and looking at the world from another perspective; so, is there anything better than admiring the craters from the sky? The starting point of this tour is the helipad of Taormina: not only you will fly above the highest active volcano in Europe, but you will also have an exclusive stunning view on the smoking craters and on the Valle del Bove. The guide showing you all the villages on the Etna slopes, you will fully enjoy this magical moment on the clouds, before getting back down to earth.

Another trekking experience in Sicily: The Argimusco Rocks in Montalbano Elicona

Even though Sicily is mainly known for the beauty of its coast and for its cultural and artistic heritage, its outback is full of surprises. In Sicily, there are many trekking opportunities, and they are not limited to the Etna excursions, as they involve many nature reserves, such as Vendicari (Syracuse), and many regional natural parks, such as the Nebrodi Mounts or the Madonie Regional Park, where you can spot some lakes and also waterfalls.

Among the most interesting trekking excursion in Sicily, there is the visit to the Argimusco Rocks, near the village of Montalbano Elicona. The “Sicilian Stonehenge”, as this charming and mysterious place is also called, is a highland to the north of Etna, where anthropomorphic megaliths and dolmens stand. It seems that in the pre-historic age, this group of rocks was used for ritual activity and as an astronomical observatory, in particular to study the equinoxes and the solstices. Discover more about this amazing place and breathe the mysterious atmosphere with a relaxing walking through the megaliths, and enjoy try to guess the different rocky shapes. From there, you can admire some wonderful views on the Etna which dominates the highland from above, but also on the Aeolian Islands. Ending with the Argimusco, you can spend the rest of your time exploring the close Malabotta Wood and the Patriarchs Path,  a centuries-old wood where you can find trees with a diameter of 2 meter, or visiting  the close Montalbano Elicona, the most beautiful Italian village in 2015.

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