Museum of Messina in the twentieth century

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Museum Messina in XX century

The Museum “Messina in XX century” situated in Viale Boccetta, near the motorway junction, is located inside of the locals of the ex Air- raid shelter bunker Cappellini, used by the population of Messina during the Second World War as protection against the bombs of the Allied Forces.
Created in 2015, the museum tells to the visitors the recent history of Messina and also the national history, becoming one of the main points of the cultural framework of the same city.
The internal is, in all respects, “the refuge of the memory” that winds through permanent and thematic exhibitions.
In support of the visit, you find educational panels that are deployed along the Gallery. It is the backbone of the private museum, bipartite in a dual path: “historical and educational”, through which every visitors can travel again through the history of this land and of the events that interested it.
In addition, you can find sound effects and very suggestive songs of the epoch. Very attractive are spaces of the Bunker based on 1940 – 1943 years. In this location it is possible to see the office of the prefect, the First Aid infirmary and the nearest room that is dedicated to the distinguished men of the twentieth century of Messina.
Into the space of the gallery-bunker every corner was used to fit up educational panels, exhibitors, showcases and mannequins. The two salons that were in origin intended to host the displaced, are today intended to the permanent exhibitions:
– One traces through drawings, maps and photos the “defense of the Strait” made by castles and fortresses;
– The other is “the weapons salon” that shows lightweight weapons and little pieces of artillery, uniforms and equipment, field’s buffet and provisions, that are dated back to the period between 1900 and 1943 when took place the landing of Anglo-Americans at Sicily that marked the end of the war in Messina.

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