Museum of Ancient and Rare Weapons

Giacomo Chillé Arte e Musei, Messina

Museum of Ancient and Rare Weapons

Inside of the cultural district of the “Metropolitan city of Messina”, in the space located in Via Oratorio San Francesco, there is in exhibition a private collection made of artifacts of weapons and accessories, produced in Europe, North America and in Islamic countries, between 1400 and 1940.
The showing is a summary of the larger private collection of antiques, extremely interesting, both for their numerical amount and typology and their general state of conservation of materials, that is considered one of the richest all over the world among other examples of collecting of historical armaments.

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The creator and owner of this collection is Mr. Gaetano Ori Saitta who, for his cultural tendencies and aesthetic taste, with the passion of a collector and a remarkable economic effort, has created in the space of more than a half century, this worthy and universally acknowledged collection.
The selection holds, internally, artifacts employed not only for the war requirements, but also for hunting and military parades.
Heavy and light firearms, sidearms to throw, polearms, long and short bladed, including articles of military clothing and objects useful to the passive defense, made up the rich list of the exhibition.
Immediately, it’s clear as crystal the accuracy with the exhibited objects were realized, that, although they were battle instruments, they displayed the art applied in a certain historical period and in a certain territory.
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