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Built in 1220 by Frederick II of Swabia, the admirable purity of the architectural lines of the Church S. Maria degli Alemanni represents the highest expression of Gothic art in the Mediterranean area.
Since the building was the seat of the Teutonic Knights, engaged in the Crusades in the Holy Land, who used it as a place of rest and sustenance.
In 1485, abandoned by the ancient military order, passed under the administration of the Mansion of Palermo. In 1605 it was annexed to the Confraternity of St. Angelo dei Rossi.
In 1884, the City acquired the property kicking off the consolidation work, partially undermined by the earthquake of 1908.
More destructive than the last earthquake  event was the next  Plan  which produced the shredding of the perimeter of the church and the amputation of the remains of the hospice that was eventually eliminated. The relocation of the original portal dates back to 1985.
Today the church of St. Maria degli Alemanni can be admired completely restored and restored to its former glory.

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