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Messina, what to see to discover a city full of surprises

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Messina what to see? If you are planning to visit Messina and you don’t know yet anything about the city “door of Sicily”, maybe you are thinking about Messina what to see; if so, it will be helpful to know some of the Messina tourist attractions.

From the photos online of Messina you can see the natural beauty of the Strait of Messina and the wonderful view on the city and the Madonnina from di point of view of the Sacrarium of Christ the King. But the city of Messina is much more than this. Keep reading to discover in Messina what to see and some of our Messina tours, to understand the history, the traditions and the identity of the city “door of Sicily”.

Messina, what to see and what to do

Visit Messina, the city in the north-eastern side of Sicily, the biggest Italian island divided from the mainland by a sea canal 3300 mt wide in its closest point.  If you are wondering in Messina what to see during your first visit Messina you should not miss the Messina tours of the Cathedral Square, with the Fountain of Orion and the bell tower. Among the Messina tourist attractions there is the Catalani Church. This building is the only one which remained intact after the earthquake of 1908, and for this reason it is considered a treasure of the city. If you are art lovers, in Messina what to see is the Vittorio Emanuele Theatre, which has an extraordinary fresco by Renato Guttuso (1985), representing the legend of Colapesce. One of most important Messina Italy attractions surely is the Regional Museum, where you can admire the masterpieces of Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio and some of the masterpieces of our Antonello da Messina, the famous Renaissance painter. If you desire to deepen your knowledge about the beauty of the Messina tourist attractions, you can also decide to book one of our Messina tours with our tour guides which is the best way to enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer. So, if you still don’t know in Messina what to see, you can decide to discover the history of the city, the events which have signed its past, the popular traditions, the food, the colors, the flavors which are waiting for you in this land. In this experience you will be accompanied by one of our guides, who will be helpful to know in Messina what to see even if you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t want to miss the visit of the most important Messina Italy attractions.

The Cathedral surely deserves a visit inside, to admire the mosaics, the sculpture and the central silver altar, the majestic organ (the second biggest of Sicily) and the museum of the Cathedral. First, in Messina what to see is the everyday show of the bell tower in the Cathedral Square, realized in 1933, that everyday at 12:00 sets in motion its mechanical system:  you will see the golden figures moving on the main front, each of them symbolizing a religious event linked to the city, but also its glorious history. The bell tower of Messina is an answer to the question “Messina what to see?” since it is one of the most known Messina tourist attractions, as on the lateral front there is also the biggest astronomical clock in world.

Visit Messina: the strategic points of view to take the best pictures of the city

In Messina what to see is also the internal part of the bell tower: the stunning 360° top view of the city will be the prize for those who will decide to hike to the top. This is certainly one of the best places to take a picture of Messina from a different point of view. Among the other places from which you can enjoy a wonderful view there is the terrace of the Sacrarium of Christ the King and the Cape Peloro beach, where the Pillar stands: this is the closest point of the Strait of Messina between Sicily and Italy, where it seems that you can touch the Calabrian coast. In Messina what to see is another of the most interesting panoramic point of view: the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Dinnammare. This place stands on the Peloritani Mounts, and it is maybe the only point in the territory of Messina where you can enjoy in a single glance the Ionian coast in one side, with a view of the Strait of Messina, and the Tyrrhenian one in the other, with a view of Cape Milazzo, with the seven Aeolian Islands.

Messina Sicily shore excursions: the Strait of Messina and its natural beauties

If you are asking in Messina what to see for nature lovers, the answer is very simple. You need to go a little bit further off the city and to reach Cape Peloro, the extreme north-eastern point of Sicily. You will be amazed and charmed by the landscape, by the colors and the sound of the sea, by the sea currents that melt and by how close the mainland is. With one of our guides you will discover how extraordinary and contradictory this land is.

Messina what to see once you have gone further off the city? Before arriving to Cape Peloro you should absolutely visit the two Lakes of Ganzirri and Faro, which along with the Strait of Messina is part of the Natural Reserve created in 2001. The naturalistic relevance of this area is also due to the almost 400 different aquatic species living in it; moreover, it is a stopover point for migratory birds. So, if you are wondering about in Messina what to see, even out of summer season, why don’t you think about doing birdwatching?

The biggest of the two lakes and the less deep is in Ganzirri, one of the fishermen village in the Ionian cost of the city. If you want to discover in Messina what to see to learn about the local traditions, an option is to go for a walk around the lakes. Here you can find lots of fish markets where to buy fresh seafood or mussels and clams, bred in the two lakes; in the local restaurants you can taste our local fish dishes. If you don’t know in Messina what to do or in Messina what to see, ask one of our guides for one of our Messina shore excursion to tell you the history and the identity of this place, which is one of the less known Messina Italy attraction: learn about the tales and the ancient legends, discover the local fish methods, such as the swordfish fishing, made by the feluca, the traditional boat of Phoenician origins.

Messina what to see, while going along the coast to Cape Peloro? Here you will be fascinated by the natural beauty of the Strait of Messina, where there is the Pillar, 200 mt high that once served to link the electric wires with the mainland. This charming place, one of Messina Italy attractions, is the extreme north-eastern part of Sicily, the meeting point between two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, which melt their waters just in front of Cape Peloro beach, producing the strong currents and the whirlpools.  Also, if you love myths and legends, you must know that this natural phenomenon, due to the movement of two tectonic plates that collide, is linked to the legend of Scylla and Charybdis, the two marine monsters that live under the water in the Strait Messina. In the centuries, all of this gave the Strait of Messina a mysterious halo, so that even Omer wrote about the Strait in his Odyssey. This is also a good spot to take photos, so it can be included into a “Messina what to see” list.

If you want to spend your time to see other Messina tourist attractions, you can visit the museum Horcynus Orca to discover all the secrets of the unknown underwater world.

Our tour guides are ready to show you the beauty of the city, along with the Messina Italy attractions which are still unknown. Sea, nature, tasty food and local wine: book the right experience for you and choose in Messina what to see: enjoy one of our Messina shore excursion or one of our Messina tours, such as our  Messina winery and Beach tour, discovering the history of the city and its sea, with a tasting of local products and excellent local wine: the Tyrrhenian area of Messina is also a wine producer region.

All that and more will make your visit Messina a memorable experience and will make you want to come back and try other Messina Sicily shore excursion, such as the wonderful Taormina and Isola Bella boat tour, which is one of the most appreciated of our Messina tours.