Mt Etna Tours

Mt Etna tours: the power of a volcano and the richness of its soils.

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Travelling in the largest Mediterranean island is certainly a discovery of many wonders and curiosities, since numerous civilisations found, in this land, the perfect place for their settlements. Through the mt Etna tours you will find that even the aridest ground it is capable to create and to give birth to endemic species of plants and various cultivations.

Where is mount Etna? You will find this landmark on the coast washed by the Ionian sea, that in the past was the preferred side of the island by the Greek colonizers, attracted by the fertile volcanic soils and by the heat of the sun that was able to caress their vineyards. This is one of the main reasons why you will find, in this unique location, the best wineries in Sicily and the major part of Sicily vineyards.

Centuries of eruptions have modified the surrounding landscape, transforming the typical Mediterranean landscape of Sicily into an evocative, lunar-like environment of black sand, volcanic rocks and lava flows, now protected by a vast natural park, the Etna Natural Park, established in 1987.

In many mt Etna tours, you will be invited to discover the territory of the volcano, the active or inactive craters, to visit the many caves where the lava flowed and flows during each eruption but that doesn’t offer a clear image about the volcano’s forces and resources. Etna Sicily has been always admired for its magnificence and its force but also for the huge production of Etna wines, made with the sweetest grapes that grow, with care and affection, on the volcanic soils, enhanced by elevated concentrations of minerals.

Mt Etna wines, such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Catarratto can be savoured in numerous mt Etna tours – where you will not discover only the natural resources - together with Sicilian foods created according to ancient recipes and handed down from generation to generation.

The local people, that preserve the authentic culinary traditions of this destination, use as raw material the products of excellence that the earth offers: the red-orange of Sicily PGI, the green pistachio of Bronte PDO, the extra virgin olive oil PDO, hazelnuts, cherries, pears, apples, mushrooms, violet cauliflower, and others.

Whether you decide to join mount Etna tours from Taormina or other cities located near the volcano, keep in mind that you need to live a full adventure, discovering the whole potential and activities that can be done: from trekking to climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, “live like a local” experiences and of course the itineraries of food and wine.

Travelling in Sicily is always a lesson of history, an awareness of how the coexistence between different cultures is possible, a culinary involvement and a return to the origins. On the Ionian coast, where Mt Etna rises, there are many towns that offer diversified mt Etna tours able to entertain and gratify all the types of visitors.

For example, excursions from Taormina or day trips from Taormina – a famous town situated close to Mt Etna, are an occasion of exploration and observation of the heritage of this living volcano.

Another option of activity that can lead you to discover and try for one day the wonderful atmosphere of both localities, is our Etna wine and Taormina tour from Messina, during which culture, art, monumental treasures, combine perfectly with nature, food and wine so that you can feel, even for a few hours, how is it to live in Sicily. Starting with the visit of the gorgeous Taormina, walking on your own on Corso Umberto, where the most part of the monuments are situated, you will conclude your trip with a visit and a typical tasting of wines and products in a famous winery, on the Northside of Mt Etna.

Concede yourself an extraordinary memory amazed by the colours of the landscapes, perfume of the citrus trees and the flavours of the products of the earth.