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Discover Messina, a cooperative of young people who were set on fire the bus does not give up and launches a solidarity campaign against violence for the common good.


by Giacomo Chillé

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Discover Messina Sicily, Italy

Giacomo Chillé

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Campaign Story


November 14, 2019

We waited a few hours before expressing our revulsion and our indignation regarding the act of violence suffered, which struck us very deeply. We went through the darkness of despair and anger before regaining awareness and discernment to publicly manifest our position following this very serious event.

As you know, on the evening of November 12, criminals burned our 9-seat Mercedes Sprinter; investigations are underway by the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, we hope we can shed light on this infamous gesture and bring justice to the perpetrators, to safeguard not only our company but also those who, like us, operate legally and with transparency, because the delinquents, as delinquents, are always lurking and can hit anyone. Having reduced our unique means of transport to a pile of ash and sheet metal means having been amputated of a work tool we had purchased, just last November 2018, with a loan that we are required to honour up to 2024 and which we will honour with sacrifice and, if necessary, going beyond our real possibilities.

This devastating and criminal mutilation in addition to causing huge economic damage forces us to temporarily suspend our driver, a family man, with a wife and four dependent children, from work activities. This is one of the most atrocious and painful aspects of this ominous story.

Discover Messina, with the commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism of many young people, who have decided to join forces and stay in this city to give the best of themselves, has established itself in these years as a virtuous and revolutionary reality in the tourist reception services, able to establish itself with a spirit and an identity that distinguishes and personalizes every single service offered to tourists arriving in Sicily, eager to discover the wonders of our land.

A land like our dotted with natural and man-made beauties where the social fabric is unfortunately still imbued with a culture founded on ignorance, arrogance, oppression and crime.

We have been raping, we feel raped and we wonder about what may have been the reasons that led these offenders to commit such an atrocious and hateful act against us.

Hitting a reality like ours means trying to knock down and hit the hope of many young people who still believe in the redemption of a people that cannot resurface, it means hitting those who intend to bet and invest their life and resources on the enormous potential of a territory like ours, which can give great opportunities for work, growth and development to those who still believe that this dream is achievable.

These vile warning signs are irrefutable indications of real and tangible underdevelopment that contaminates and poisons the social fabric of our beloved city, intending to curb and hinder those who believe in beauty, ignoring that beauty exists and will always win.

From the cover photo that we have chosen for this release behind the mask of anger and pain, there is an indomitable feeling that does not bend to the logic of the underworld, not by chance the symbol that has always distinguished us is the lion, emblem of our city.

Despite the unheard-of and inexplicable violence with which we were struck, despite the discomfort and suffering suffered by such an infamous act, we do not allow ourselves to be bent and we will not bend to these roguish and criminal logics: WE REACT.

Untamed, we will react with the spirit that distinguishes us, with the strength and enthusiasm of those who want to continue their journey, with the knowledge that it is still lawful, possible and legal to pursue their dream, a dream that unites those, like us, they believe that this city of ours can finally emerge in the law, for the well-being of all its citizens, and return to the great glories of the past.

We do not abstain, nor are we ashamed to ask for support and help at this time for us so adverse, we stretch our hand to hold it tight to yours.

We must all react together and give a reverse signal, generous and exemplary, aimed at encouraging many young people with suitcases ready to flee.

Through this release, we officially launch a solidarity fundraising campaign for the purchase of a new means of transport, while allowing a family father to get his job back.

This new asset will be a symbol of the common good, not only owned by Discover Messina but also a tool in the hands of the new and beautiful city that intends to react to these ephemeral and heinous logics.

In addition to offering services to tourists, the new means of transport will be used on a voluntary and free basis for the accomplishment of social and charitable works, available for all those non-profit associations and their clients, as well as for private citizens, elderly and sick indicative, needy to make trips.

We are all called to transform wickedness into experiences of growth to give more and more meaning and value to our existence.

#ISTAYWITHDISCOVERMESSINA #wearenotalone #thebestisyettocome are not just three slogans, which we invite you to use in your social profiles to share and marry our cause, but they are the viral synthesis that forges every single link in the human chain that sees us already united in the battle against the horrors of violence.

For donations to the Discover Travel società cooperativa

Iban: IT 72T 0303216500010000008506

Reason: Voluntary contribution to the purchase of means of transport

With a prayer of sharing

The Discover Messina staff

  • 14-11-2019

    UNIPOLSAI gift

    To add to the contributions already received in cash the insurance coverage policy against theft and vandalism, as well as 40% net of their RCA commissions, a gift from the UNIPOLSAI of Gabriele and Valentina Siracusano with headquarters in Via La Farina in Messina

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous 100,00 November 25, 2019

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