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Sicilian holidays:6 reasons why you need a weekend to Sicily

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Only a week-end to visit Sicily may not be enough, but it can be the first of your Sicilian holidays. Where to go in Sicily? You may think that Sicily is just an island, but you may not know that this island has so many “sides” that you will be surprised at how different they can be. Choosing a package holiday to Sicily will be the beginning of your discovery of a land with so many experiences to offer you and so many different places to visit that you will be spoiled for choice: so why not start your Sicilian holidays from the ancient Syracuse, Noto Sicily, or Modica Italy?

Try our Baroque Route: once you’ve been to Sicily, you will feel the need to come back soon, and here are the (first) six reasons why!

Sicilian holidays, let yourself be enchanted by the baroque style

  1. The famous baroque architecture. The first reason to choose a weekend package holiday to Sicily is the rich experience you will live travelling through the famous baroque architecture of the island. After the earthquake of 1693 the towns of the Noto Valley were destroyed and rebuilt by Sicilian people in baroque style (if you want to know more about this topic, read our blog post about the Sicilian Baroque in Noto Sicily and Modica Italy). Many Sicily holidays tours include visits of these baroque cities, widely considered by the public as best places to visit in Sicily. They have also been nominated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO because of their outstanding universal value, for they “represent a considerable collective undertaking, successfully carried out at a high level of architectural and artistic achievement”. So if you are wondering about where to go in Sicily, the south-eastern part of the island can be the right spot to start your adventure.
  2. Sicilian holidays for photography lovers. Another reason to choose Sicilian holidays is that it will be a great experience if you love photography! The ancient Syracuse with the scenic Cathedral Square and the alleys of the historical center will inspire your artistic shots. Also the town of Noto Sicily, considered the capital of the Sicilian baroque, will give you the possibility to test yourself in taking unusual pictures conveying the details beauty of majestic staircases, human mascarons under balconies, stuccoes and beautiful decorations on the buildings’ ceilings and charming views under the architectonical frame of stone arches. So don’t forget to look up: sometimes a rooftop in contrast with the blue sky can be the perspective that stimulate your creativity!
  3. Food in Sicily. The third reason to choose Sicilian holidays surely will prove to be the first one if you are a good eater. Typing on Google “what is Sicily famous for” you will find that along with its ancient history, food in Sicily is one of the most important elements of the cultural tradition. Eating in Sicily is considered as a ritual: unlike many other cultures, where the meal is consumed very quickly in order not to waste too much time, Italians, and Sicilian people in this case, gather together and take their time, also trying to do their best even to come back home to have lunch with families every day, if possible. During important events, such us Christmas or Easter, lunches and dinners can last many hours! Therefore, even if you just have a weekend, make sure that your package holiday to Sicily includes also typical meals in local restaurants and visits to interesting spots concerning food in Sicily, such as Modica Italy. Here you can visit the local shops where to taste the famous Sicilian chocolate, an artisan production the origins of which came from the Aztecs. Modica Italy, besides being one of the baroque sites of Noto Sicily Valley, is also famous for the production of this particular kind of chocolate, that looks dark, opaque and with a grainy texture. Definitely something delicious to try!
  4. Another reason to take Sicilian holidays is that this land, besides being the birthplace of important scientists and philosophers, inspired not only many writers, poets and painters, but also many film directors who realized movies and TV series based on famous histories and books set just in Sicily. Along with The Godfather movie, set in Savoca & Forza d’Agrò, also the town of Ragusa Ibla has been the set of the famous TV fiction Inspector Montalbano, based on the crime books of Andrea Camilleri, a great Sicilian writer recently passed away. The fiction was aired not only in Italy, but also in Europe and in USA. If you are a fan of Inspector Montalbano you cannot miss a Montalbano tour and visit the locations of the set, such as the Cathedral Square of Ragusa Ibla, that is also a masterpiece of the famous baroque architecture.
  5. The fifth reason to book a weekend package holiday to Sicily is to try the legendary hospitality of the Sicilian people. Sicilians know how to welcome visitors, because they do so since the beginning of their ancient history. For this reason we are naturally friendly with tourists who have respect for our land and our community. If you want to learn about our culture we will be happy to suggest you the best spots to eat local, the most beautiful view point, or help you find the way when you get lost. If you ask, there is a good chance we will personally accompany you to your destination . The result is that next time you come to Sicily you have a new friend to call! For all of these reasons during your Sicilian holidays the best option is to rely on local tour guides so that you will have an insider at your disposal, who is able to share with you the history, the cultural traditions and all the tricks that will make your travel experience absolutely unforgettable.
  6. Sicily is a place where time has stopped. This sixth reason to plan one of the Sicily holidays tours is not the last one, because during your Sicilian holidays you will have found many more reasons to come back and you will be thinking about where to go in Sicily next time! If you want to escape from your routine and work deadlines, in Sicily you find out places where time has no effect: you can attend many popular events of long tradition, taking place in the most hidden villages, but also in larger cities, you can enjoy the ancient atmosphere of historical little towns, or imagine the actors playing Greek tragedies visiting the Greek Theatres spread over the island, and in summer you can even attend a show if you desire. Travelling to Sicily means discover a place where ancient history, strong traditions and mythology is not just part of our past, but it has an important role in our present too.

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