Sicily excursion: 5 things to definitely do

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Sicily excursion is the best way to discover partly the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Over the centuries, Sicily has been of interest to many people, which have competed and fight for its domination. Among the reasons, there is not only the strategic position for the control of trade, but also the prosperity and the fertility of its soils, and the beauty of its landscapes and its colours.  

This is why even today, it attracts millions of visitors and curious, planning a Sicily excursion at every time of the year. For the extent of the island and for the large number of attractions and points of interest, it could be useful to project a western Sicily excursion and an oriental Sicily excursion 

It would be impossible to list every sites of interest, but here is a list of the attractions in Sicily Italy 

Messina Sicily things to do: oriental Sicily excursion 

  1. Taormina: the most known Sicily excursion is a tour of Taormina, the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. This little city in the province of Messina rises above a hill called “Monte Tauro and it is one of the main tourist attractions in Sicily Italy.  It will surprise you with the beauty of its landscape views, its contrast colours and its “dolce vita” atmosphere, made of little restaurants, narrow streets and exclusive fashion boutiques. After having come through one of the two Gates  of the city, you will be pushed into a dimension out of time, discovering its architectures, its ancient churches, its Greek and Roman Theatre, which even today hosts many social events, concerts, plays,  and which is surrounded by a fantastic natural landscape. If you love history and culture, you can choose a Sicily excursion to Taormina, which include a visit to the Greek and Roman Theatre, or a lunch in a local restaurant. Near Taormina, another point of interest is Isola Bella, a rocky islet linked to the beach by a sand line. This wonderful spot is a nature reserve since 1988 and it hosts a naturalistic museum of exotic plants, surrounded by clear water, to explore eventually with a boat tourNot far from Taormina, there is also the interesting medieval village of Savoca, known most of all for the Godfather Tour, since F.F. Coppola used it as the set of the Godfather movie in 1972.

  2. Etna: another destination for an oriental Sicily excursion is Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. It stands with its 3350 mt above sea level dominating the landscape from above, as an open wound, which sometimes stars to bleed, shaking the ground, but charming with its stunning natural scenarios.  The Sicily Excursion Mount Etna is in high demand from tourists because it gives the possibility to walk on the edge of extinct craters, or to taste a good glass of local wine, produced on its slopes. Among these, the Excursion Etna Wine and the Excursion Etna & Taormina.

  3. Capo Milazzo and Aeolian Islands: a tour to Capo Milazzo will include a visit to the Aragon Castle, the biggest fortified citadel of Sicily. The port of Capo Milazzo is one of the departure point of the shore excursions in Messina to the seven Aeolian Islands, the “Seven Sisters” as they are also called, included into the UNESCO world heritage list since 2000. A daily cruise to the archipelago is the perfect Sicily excursion to discover two of the seven islands in one day, and to get an idea of the natural beauty of the place, surrounded by the sea, and enjoining the relax that only a combination of sun and blue water can give.  

Sicily what to see: western attractions in Sicily Italy

Even western Sicily is rich in interesting places worth discovering. Beside the wonderful Palermo, main town of the island, and keeper of a huge cultural and architectonical heritage, and Agrigento, that with its Valley of the Temples is able to push you back in time, with a Sicily excursion, one can discover many other destinations, which equally express Sicily essence.

4. Trapani and Erice: the historic centre of Trapani, keeps inside a massive number of remarkable religious and civic buildings. It is also known as the “City of Salt”, because of the presence of “Saline”, natural establishments of salt mining. Trapani is the best place also to discover Erice, a medieval village at 750 mt on a hill above Trapani. This Sicily excursion will introduce you the charm of Erice, with its neogothic Duomo and the Castle of Venus, from where one can admire the underrated view of the coast. The best moment to visit Erice is the afternoon, in order to wait for the natural show of the sunset on Trapani down low.

5. Egadi Islands: within few minutes of navigation from Trapani, it is possible to reach the archipelago of the three Egadi Islands: Favignana, the biggest one, which with the colours of its wonderful coves attracts every year many tourists, and Levanzo and Marettimo, which are the smallest and the most sparsely travelled islands, but for this reason also the most lovely. Here it is possible to swim in clear waters or have an adventure along the paths that lead to the top of the cliff: a multisensory experience, where admiring the bright and deep blue of the sea, you can feel the wind filtering the threes and stroke the skin, bringing the wave sound.  

Surely, this is not a complete list of what to see in Sicily, but at least it can gives an idea of the huge cultural and natural heritage of this island.  
Sicily excursion is the best way to discover gradually all the beauty this generous land has to offer.