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Sicily Godfather: a visit you can’t refuse!

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Sicily godfather: a visit you can't refuse!

The Godfather tour is one of the most popular sicily itineraries on the east coast of our island, especially if you are a fan of Francis Ford Coppola's movies.

The Godfather tour could include several villages, but two of the top places to visit on the east coast of Sicily are Savoca and Forza d'Agrò.

In 1971 the director Francis Ford Coppola decided to set some scenes of his movie The Godfather in some villages in the area between Messina and Catania, making popular several little sicilian towns and making the fortune of the medieval villages of Savoca and Forza d'Agrò, already known for their sicilian food.

Savoca and the Godfather

Savoca is a small town in Sicily, on the east coast, on a hill about 1000 feet above the sea level. The village goes back to the XII century, when the Normans created a fief in that area, even if there are archeological rests dated to the byzantine and arab period. Savoca shows nowadays a medieval layout rich in alleys and narrow streets.

It's one of the most popular sicilian towns of the Godfather tour because several scene of the Godfather part I were set in this area.

At the arrival to Savoca your sicily tourist guide will show you a building dated back to the XVIII century, Trimarchi Palace: the building, in neoclassical style, has got two floors and at the first one there is the Bar Vitelli, the cafè that appear in the F. F. Coppola's movie, the place in which Michael Corleone seat after seeing Apollonia, the daughter of the cafè's owner. In the interior you can see a collection of pictures taken during the shooting of the film and some objekts and tools belonging to the ancient rural life of the village. The Bar Vitelli is also the best place in Sicily where you can taste one of the most popular sicilian food: the granita, a sort of frozen juice(in several fruit flavours) usually accompained by a sweet bread, called "brioche" or by a sweet biscuit, called "zuccherata".

After a short walk you can reach the Church of S.Nicolò or S.Lucy and surely you will recognize the faςade of the building because it's the church of the wedding between Michael and Apollonia, one of the most popular scenes of the film. The church was built in the XIII century and renowed in the XVIII century. In the interior there are some important works of art dated back from the XIV to the XVII century.

In Savoca you can see other important monuments that don't appear in the movie; there are several churches such as the Church of S.Michael, dated back to the Middle Age and renowed in the baroque period (the interior shows beautiful frescos and stuccos) and the Church of Virgin Mary of Assumption, built in 1130 and renowed between the XV and the XVI centuries, but this medieval village is also famous for its catacombs, that together with those in Palermo are one of the things to see in Sicily. The catacombs are in the Cappuccini Convent, built in 1614,  and store about 37 well-conserved mummies of the notables of Savoca.

Forza d'Agrò

It's a very small town in Sicily, on the east coast, situated on a hill 1377 feet above the sea level. It is a popular destination for the sicily tourism included in the Sicily Godfather tour thanks to some scenes of the movies filmed among its narrow streets and its churches, but Forza d'Agrò is also famous in eastern Sicily because it's one of the good eating places in this area, especially if you want to taste sicilian fish.

The village was built in the XIV century after the distruction of the older settlment by a landslide. Nowadays Forza d'Agrò shows a medieval layout even if it enlarged during the XVIII century. The most important monuments are:

  • the church of Virgin of Assumption, the main church of the village, was built at the beginning of XVIII century on a preexisting XV century church. The interior is rich in magnificent works of art dated from the XV to the XVIII century, that are among the things to see in Sicily. The church is also popular because it appears in some scenes of the Godfather.
  • the church of Trinity and the Agostinian Convent, built between the XV and the XVII centuries, they conserv some works of art and the convent host a little Museum of Chocolate and a collection of pictures and tools used during the shooting of the Godfather.

Forza d'Agrò is the best place in Sicily if you look for rest and good sicilian food; in fact you will find several restaurants where you can taste typical sicily menu, especially based on sicilian fish, you can't miss it.