Sicily, what to see in order to not miss the most beautiful sites

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Sicily what to see: read this article if you are going to visit our beautiful island, to get an idea of Sicily what to see absolutely during your Sicily tours that starts from the city of Messina.

Sicily what to see: Sicily tours from Messina

Let’s imagine to leave together for a Sicily tours by bus for to discover the things to see in Sicily with ours Sicily tour guides of Discover Messina Sicily. As first stop of these Sicily excursions you will visit Messina (to learn more) to continue with a tour Taormina (to know what to do in Taormina Italy click here). Here, you can join the various  day trips from Taormina as, e.g the one to visit Isola Bella Taormina, or the godfather tour which includes a visit to the villages of Savoca and Forza d'Agrò, and the town of Castelmola what to see. Then, you will reach the highest volcano in Europe, getting ready to choose among the various excursions Etna. All those Sicily excursions listed, are essential destinations of your tour of Sicily. Continue to read to better discover in Sicily what to see.

Sicily what to see part 1: Catania excursions

Our tour of Sicily to know in Sicily what to see, continues towards Catania city, an inevitable Sicily excursions to do. Catania excursions include the visit of the historical center that can be done or as a walking tour, or by bus, onboard the tourist train. The most important things to see are:

- Cathedral Square, in which there’s also the Elephant’s Fountain (in catanese dialect liotru), that is the symbol of the city because, according to the legends, it protected Catania from the dangerous Etna activity. But, the real protector of Catania is undoubtedly Sant’Agata: proof of the strong devotion of the city to the saint is the series of events that take place during the first days of February.

- The theatre and the public garden dedicated to one of the most famous Italian composers born in Catania, Vincenzo Bellini.

- For shopping lovers, Via Etnea and the shops inside its ancient buildings

- the Odeon and the ancient theatre

- Last, but not least, Ursino castle, that serves now as a civic museum.

Sicily what to see part 2: Ragusa

The excursion Sicily what to see during your tour of Sicily from Messina continues with the discovery of 2 of the 7 UNESCO world heritage sites of the island (many others are in its tentative list). The tour provides for a first stop in Ragusa, a town UNESCO word heritage site since 2002 along with the entire Val di Noto. The place is divided into an up and a downtown in which you can admire the Sicilian baroque style, whose emblem is undoubtedly the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista. We recommend also a route that touches Noto Ragusa baroque if you are art lovers; other important churches are those of San Tommaso and that of San Giacomo, the latter located within the most famous Iblean garden, which also houses those of San Vincenzo Ferreri and the Cappuccini. The Iblean garden with its lush vegetation will enchant and invite you to relax after a long walk through the town.

Sicily what to see part 3: Piazza Armerina

The last stop of our tour of Sicily, before coming back to Messina, is Piazza Armerina, which is a fundamental stop of Sicily what to see thanks, mainly, to his Villa romana del casale. This, is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997. The archaeological site is an emblematic example of a luxurious villa belonging to the Roman imperial period, which now indicates us the predominant role of the Sicilian town in the IV century AD.

Now, that you known better in Sicily what to see, you just have to rely on the competence in the field of Discover Messina Sicily and to pack your bags!