Sikelia and the Sicilian wines

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Sikelia was created in 2012 to enhance the Sicilian enogastronomic excellence, appreciated in local food and in Sicilian wines, promoting small and local enterprises, out of mass distribution. All raw materials are carefully selected only according to the season and availability, sticking to the traditional production processes of the best Sicilian Wines. The history of the Sicilian wines has its roots in an ancient past, when the Phoenicians colonised the island between the VIII and the VII centuries b.C. From that moment on, the production of Sicilian wines acquired more and more relevance, making the island one of the greatest Italian wine region. This is a reason why our Sicily wine is among the most required Italian products abroad.

Sicilian wines: Mamertino wine, the favorite of Julius Caesar

On 20th June, during the Discover Messina event “Quattro passi a Messina: Le Fontane”, beside discovering the secrets of the most beautiful fountains in Messina, we also had the chance to have a wine tasting Sicily at Sikelia: Sicilian wines delighted our taste buds, and gave us the flavour of the land, of the attention, of love and care for our tradition. In particular, in this occasion we met the producer of the Sicily winery Vasari, who introduced us the famous Mamertino wine, one of the finest Sicilian wines made from organic farming, which we tasted with some delicious local cheese.

Mamertino wine, along with Faro is one of the most relevant Sicilian red wines of Messina, grown in the whole Tyrrhenian area of Sicily, especially in Milazzo, already since Roman times. Made from Nocera and Nero d’Avola grapes, it is one of the Sicilian red wines also mentioned by Pliny the Elder and offered by Julius Caesar during his banqueting.

At Sikelia, beside the Sicilian wines D.O.C.G, you can also find slow food products, such as the Manna of Pollina and the black pig sauce of Nebrodi Mounts. The list of the availble Sicilian wines also includes Faro Fondo dei Barbera, the D.O.C.G. Cerasuolo of Vittoria from Sicily winery Gurrieri, a Sicilian red wine produced from local organic Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes; the malvasias and passitos by Colosi winery, a sweet Sicily wine to try with piparelli or ‘nZuddi, tipical local biscuits, and the Sicilian wines Eloro and Nero d’Avola from the Sicily winery Barone Sergio, just to name a few. And beside the Sicilian red wines there is also a wide range of white wines.

For this and so much more, Demetrio is waiting for you at Sikelia 146, Via I Settembre, a short distance from the Cathedral Square and the other attractions of the historic center: the best wine tasting Sicily experience!