Sweet Sicilian Food to taste at least once in life

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The biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea is known all over the world not only for its history, rich in glorious events, and for its natural and landscape beauty, but also for the treats of the Sicily cuisine. The dominations occurred over the centuries have strongly influenced also the cooking tradition of the island, bringing down to us the ancient flavours still preserved in the traditional Sicilian food, particularly in the sweet Sicilian food.

Sweet Sicilian Food of Ragusa Pastry Shop

Expertise and love for the sweetest job on Earth is passed from father to son since more than 60 years at

Ragusa Pastry Shop! Here is the sweet Sicilian food that those who arrive to Messina should not miss to taste:

  1. Traditional Sicilian food cannoli: the cannolo is the king of the sweet Sicilian food, imitated all over the world, is among the most known Sicilian products. It has been included into the Italian P.A.T. list (Traditional Agrifood Product). The original recipe consists in a fried waffle (called scorza) and a ricotta cheese filling, decorated with chopped hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds, chocolate drops or candied fruits. Beside the traditional ricotta cannoli, Ragusa Pastry Shop also produces it also in chocolate and pistachio.
  2. Traditional Sicilian food cassata: if the cannolo is the king of the sweet Sicilian food, the cassata is its queen. This masterpiece of the Sicily cuisine was realised to celebrate Easter but today it is consumed at any time of the year. The cassata of Ragusa Pastry shop is composed by two soft layers of sponge cake with inside a delicious layer of ricotta and dark chocolate chips. Outside it is decorated with pasta reale and candied fruits, according to the real Sicilian tradition: such a pleasant look that you will almost regret eating it! You can also taste this typical sweet Sicilian food in its mignon size, known as cassatina.
  3. Granita Messina: granita is also included into the list of Sicilian food to taste when in Messina. Granita and brioche, a sweet bread, are largely consumed by the Sicilians at breakfast or as a snack, even if any excuse to go to the bar and ask for a “mezza con panna” (half a granita with cream), especially in summer time. It is a very refreshing sweet Sicilian food. The traditional flavours are lemon, coffee, strawberry and chocolate, but at Ragusa Pastry shop also almond, mulberry and pistachios are available.
  4. Typical Sicilian biscuits: one of the highlight of the Sicilian food production are the so-called almond pastries, typical Sicilian biscuits prepared with the authentic Sicilian almonds, with which we love to welcome our guests who, coming to Sicily, choose our tours and experiences .
  5. Sicily cuisine: Pignolata messinese. The pignolata is a sweet Sicilian food of Messina, traditionally prepared during Carnival. It is made with a fried dough covered with a lemon meringue and a dark chocolate frosting.

Ragusa Pastry shop is a Sicilian products point of sale where you can also buy other sweet Sicilian treats, such as the frutta martorana, torrone, moretti, piparelli, artisan ice-cream, and delicious cakes for any occasion. A catering service is also available, offering typical sweet and salty Sicilian food. Our events organized to the rediscovery of the historic center, such as “Quattro Passi a Messina”, are the perfect occasions to try the specialities of Ragusa Pastry shop, as we always end the events with a tasting of Sicilian food at the pastry shop. While our guests will receive a granita or a cannolo, included into a final tasting of the Messina Center & Coast tour and Messina Walking Tour.

The sweet treats of Ragusa Pastry shop are waiting for you at 109, Via Garibaldi, Messina.