The Etna excursion is the most adventurous of our proposals

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The Etna excursion is the perfect experience if you want to discover one of the most primitive and wildest place in the Sicilian territory.

The highest active volcano in Europe, included into the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2013, offers breathtaking and unique landscapes.  The Etna represents one of the focal point of the Sicilian identity, where nature reigns solely and commands a religious respect.

Before leaving to discover this place made of air, soil and fire, it will be helpful to know the tour activities available in situ, starting by an Etna Trekking Tour.

Etna excursion: try an Etna visit through its paths

Choosing an Etna Trekking tour will let you leave safely for an adventure on the volcano, with the presence of a professional tour guide which will show you the paths, the ancient lava flows and the most interesting landscapes to better understand the history of this Mount. With an Etna visit you will be able to go through the several natural paths, appropriate for every trekking lover. Among the most known, we mention the “Schiena dell’asino path”, very easy at any time of the year. This path starts inside a pine forest and it is a good way to enjoy a spectacular view on the Bove Valley. Another Etna trekking tour could be the Etna excursion to the “Serracozzo path” which starts from the homonymous cave and it finishes to the Rifugio Citelli.  After a wonderful path through the endemic birches, visitors will reach the edge of the Bove Valley, where they can observe not only the ancient craters, but also the “dicchi magmatici”, towers of solid lava created by a complex geological process. Another great point of view on the Bove Valley is the Zoccolaro Mount. To reach its peak you have to walk along a quite challenging path with some incredible panoramic views.

Other ideas for an Etna Trekking Tour: the lava caves

An Etna visit does not necessarily have to be limited to the excursion on the main craters. In fact, starting from the paths, you can reach and discover several hidden lava caves, whose trials are not always pointed out. For this reason you can plan an Etna excursion by yourself, or rely on the experience of a professional tour guide, to avoid getting lost in the surroundings. Choosing a guided Etna visit to the lava caves is one of the best way to discover incredible places, of unexpected beauty and difficult to reach, which will make you experience the adrenaline of an adventurous challenging trip, discovering secret spots in the middle of the nature, away from the everyday life routine.

One of the most known lava caves is the Ice Cave at 2000 mt. It seems that this cave used to be the most southern European glacier in the past, since it is the only cave where you find ice inside at any time of the year. To reach this cave you have to face a walk of about 8-12 hours, that is the reason why we suggest it only to those who have a proper fitness level. Another lava cave is the Serracozzo Cave. To reach it you have to walk along a path in the middle of a pine, beech and birch forest, which will provide you protection from the Sun, if you decide to visit it in summer; however, for safety reasons it is necessary to use the helmets, since the roof of the cave presents some sharp rocks. A cave which is particularly appropriate for family who want to try an Etna excursions with children, is the Cat Cave, very easy to reach.

Etna visit: our Etna Trekking Tour

If you love adventure and you want to rely on the experience of a local guide for your Etna visit, you can choose our Etna Trekking Tour. It starts from the Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi at 1900mt, and it will make you enjoy a 3 hours path in the middle of the nature, admiring stunning lunar panoramas.  At the end of your Etna visit a delicious tasting of local food will be waiting for you: the fertile soil of the Etna gives us an abundance of established quality products. This will be the best way to combine in a single experience your love of the sport and nature with your love of food. We are sure that the Sicilian cookery won’t let you down, but rather, it will be the reason why you will come back, along with the warm welcome of its people, which will make you feel at home. Another Etna excursion for the most adventurous ones, is our 3 hours Etna visit by Bike, starting from the Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi, where you can also rent your equipment.

There is also the Etna excursion including the visit of Taormina (Etna & Taormina), one of the most known “Messina Italy attractions”, also called “the Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Taormina is surely one of the most prestigious tourist destination in Sicily, for this reason, by choosing this tour, you will get a sense of two different Sicilian reality: at the same time you will enjoy the chic atmosphere of Taormina, with its  exclusive shops and its history with the Greek Theatre, without missing the most primitive and wildest side of the island with an Etna visit, with the view of the  ancient lava flows and by admiring spectacular landscapes.

The perfect Etna excursion for wine lovers is our Etna Wine tour, which will take you in one of the prestigious wineries on the Etna slopes, where you will taste some exclusive wines along with Sicilian local products, surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape. Thanks to the volcanic hashes, the soil of the Etna is very fertile and it gives us many delicious products such as the honey, the apples, the pistachios, the strawberry, citrus trees, the extra virgin olive oil and many others.

Our Etna Trekking Tour and every single Etna excursion can also be booked as a private tour.

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