Things to know before leaving for the Sicily tours

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Sicily tours is very popular among travellers from all over the world since the time began. People start their Sicily tours either by disembarking from cruise ships in the island's ports, or by landing in one of its airports, or even by experiencing the unique and bizarre experience of crossing the Strait of Messina by a train inside a ferry, and then come back home satisfied of the memory of the many things to see in Sicily and the memory of the experience of their excursions in Sicily. Sicily tours is not a new trend, in fact it has its roots in the past: just few people know that the Sicily tours was also part of the "Grand Tour”, that was a sort of training trip that aristocratic did across Europe from the 1400s.

Sicily tours what to know

Before starting your Sicily tours, it is important to know that doing a Sicily tour means visiting the largest island of Mediterranean Sea; for this reason, there are many things to do in Sicily Italy and you can choose among the different excursions Sicily depending on your requirements. The most popular tours Sicily include sea and culture, two elements almost inseparable in our island. This, often, coincides with a 7-days Sicily tours, which may be enough to enjoy a good part of the range of the guided tours of Sicily available.
Since there are many things to do in Sicily, to organise better your Sicily tours it is important to know in advance what to do in Sicily in its eastern and western sides.
For what concern the eastern one, we suggest to look for Taormina Italy things to do, excursions Etna, Castelmola what to see, excursions Catania and so on in our Discover Messina Sicily website, and the same for the western side of Sicily as Eolie tour, Tindari what to see etc. These are the just few examples of Sicily town to visit for a Sicily tours starting from Messina.

Sicily things to see entering for its "narrow door": visit Messina

The tours Sicily start from the main arrival cities of the island. Our proposal of Sicily private tour starts from the city of Messina, that is in front of the Italian peninsula, reason why it is considered the gateway to the island. It is separated from Italy by a 33 km long strip of sea, and wide, in its narrowest point, just 3 km. Messina tours are a must for those that to undertake a guided tour of Sicily, because from it and through it depart many Sicily excursions. Too often, however, it is known just as one of the best places to stay in Taormina Sicily and used as a transit destination to visit Taormina or to a Taormina godfather tour. In this article you will discover some things to do in Taormina Sicily during your Sicily tours!

Messina what to see

One of the most common ways to start a tour of Sicily and one of the top things to do in Sicily is starting from visit Messina. Messina tourist attractions are lot, although much of its artistic and cultural heritage has been violently destroyed by the earthquake of 1908, remembered after 110 years as the most strongest one of Italy. The memory of the city is preserved just in some photos of Messina before the earthquake, passed from father to son.

Messina Italy attractions to see in one day

Messina Italy attractions are both in the city of Messina and its nearby. You can book Messina Sicily shore excursions to see the Strait of Messina, which is surely one the best Messina Italy attractions. Among the Messina things to do there are the visit of the strait, the lakes, the hills, sometimes covered with snow and at the same time kissed by the sun, and the monuments reconstructed after the earthquake. To appreciate these views and to be sure of where you are going, it is better to visit Messina on board of our tourist train or to take our Messina bus tour that, following our TripAdvisor reviews, are the best way to see all the most important Messina Italy attractions, as well as our Messina walking tour with the guides of Discover Messina Sicily. In both cases, you will experience the unforgettable Messina tour. Among the Messina things to do and the place to visit we have:

These are just some examples of Messina what to see, remembering you that Messina is our recommended starting point for Sicily tours, because from here you can start many Messina excursions such as Messina Mount Etna, walk safari Messina, tour Taormina, tour Taormina Etna, Taormina private tours, Taormina star tour, Catania Etna excursion, Etna trekking tour, the godfather tour, Eolie tour, Sicily day tours; these are just few examples of what to see in Sicily during yours Sicily tours.

Tours Messina in its ionian side: best places to stay in Taormina Sicily and surroundings

Every self-respecting Sicily tours can not do without a Taormina tours. The things to do in Taormina Sicily can be done also in a day because it is located about 60 km from the city Messina City and it is easily reachable by taking the A-18 highway. Most of the things to see in Taormina are located along Corso Umberto I, as the two gateways to the city, respectively, take Catania and Messina, the ancient theater, Corvaja palace, haute couture boutiques, starred restaurants, a panoramic square, a townhouse and much more. Looking out from one of its balconies you can see the Etna activity and you will want to enrich your Sicily tours with Mount Etna tours, (one of the best day trips from Taormina together with Taormina Godfather tour).
In our website, you will find various solutions to visit Etna, and others Taormina sites to see, always remembering you that yours Sicily tours as Etna tours on the highest volcano in Europe with our Etna guide or Taormina activities in general, will be easier and funnier with our tour guides of Discover Messina Sicily!

Messina what to see in its Tyrrhenian side: Milazzo and Aeolian islands

Our Sicily tours from Messina moves on the Tyrrhenian side. In 40 minutes from the city of Messina you get to Milazzo, known for its castle and inserted in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. From here, you can leave for some of the most popular Sicily Italy tourist attractions to the little Aeolian islands: the best known is the Stromboli Volcano tour but there are also many others Stromboli excursions. The daily excursions of the Aeolian islands are very popular during the summer season because you can experience the island life for a few hours.

These are just few examples of Sicily tours, stay tuned to discover the next blog posts to know the others attractions in Sicily Italy!