Tindari, what to see in an unmissable religious destination

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Have you heard about Tindari but you don't know what to see? This post is entirely dedicated to this town, one of the most appreciated destinations of Sicilia on tour. Let's find out together in Tindari what to see to discover one of the best attractions in Sicily Italy, island with an ancient history and a timeless charm, in which religion, legends and archeology have a common denominator!

Tindari: what to see? The Sanctuary Maria SS The Tindari

If you are planning to visit Messina, you cannot miss a daily trip to Tindari to discover what to see in a place that is loved for its perfect mix of elements able to satisfy a very heterogeneous public of visitors. We just have to find out together one of the best Messina things to do!

In Tindari, with its almost 280 meters above sea level, what to see is especially a sanctuary leaning on a rock and overlooking the sea, sea that is a constant presence of your Sicilia on tour. This sanctuary attracts millions of visitors and pilgrims from all over the world and, thanks to its position, offers a breathtaking view on the Marinello Lakes and the Aeolian Islands, that are considered the attractions in Sicily Italy par excellence.

But, few know that just 2 steps from the Sanctuary there is also one of the most important and best preserved archaeological areas of the island, and its visit is an unmissable Tindari what to see.

These are just some of the reasons why to visit Messina, Tindari knowing already what to see and it is one of the best Messina excursions and things to do, because it offers the possibility to know a place mainly famous for its religious side, but that does not lack of beauty, nature and art.

  • So, as already said, in Tindari, what to see is mainly the Sanctuary dedicated to the simulacrum of the Byzantine Black Madonna, that is an important destination of pilgrimage. The statue bears the inscription "NIGRA SUM SED FORMOSA" (I am black, but I am beautiful), remarkable reflection that comes directly from the Song of Songs. On September 8, 2018 , Pope Francis elevates it to the title of minor papal basilica. Next to the current sacred building built in the 80s in Baroque style, you can also visit the so-called Ancient Sanctuary, smaller than the sanctuary, reason is why it was necessary to build an adjacent structure that could better accommodate devotees.
  • Here the indications to get to the shrine of Tindari and what to see there:  then the visit of Messina accompanied by us, Sicilian guides, that love this job and we are glad to share with you all the beautiful attractions in Sicily Italy the route will seem shorter and more pleasant! Tindari is located about 60 km from the city of the strait and can be reached by taking the A20 motorway from Viale Boccetta; continue for about 40 minutes and then take the Falcone motorway exit. From there, continue on the road 113 towards the road 107 Tindari, Via monsignor Pullano.

Attractions in Sicily, Italy, Tindari: The archaeological area and Marinello Lakes

After visiting the sanctuary and being absorbed by the contemplation of the panorama that the square in front generously offers to its visitors, you will surely want to leave the hill to dive into its sea represented by Marinello Lakes.

But, before doing this, another important Messina things to do is just 2 steps from the churchyard; continuing along the small road where you can buy souvenirs,  there’s a beautiful archaeological area that will take us back, like a time machine, to a settlement dating back to the early Bronze Age, officially founded by Dionisio I, already tyrant of Syracuse.

It can be useful to know that in this Tindari’s archeological area what to see is:

- A small but well-stocked Antiquarium with the remains from excavations carried out since the beginning of the last century in the area of ​​ancient Tyndaris consecrated to the famous Dioscuri Castore and Polluce.

- A panoramic theatre leaning against a hill, which offered its audience a double spectacle: the one on the scene, and no less pleasant the one in the background, in which the 7 sisters, the Aeolian Islands, stand out very close. Of Greek features, it was remodelled by the Roman successors and is still used today

  • The Roman block. A walk between the cardo and the decumanus in which the ancient city was divided, leads us to the discovery of the thermal baths with calidarium, tiepidarium and frigidarium, where it is still possible to admire the mosaics that decorated the pavement. Among the best preserved, that one that represents the island of Sicily and a bull. Besides, you can also observe the tabernae in which a real market was set up as the heart of the Roman economy.
  • The Gymnasium (or Basilica) is an imposing structure of late imperial age. It was used for public use for both meetings and gymnastic.

Once you leave the religious and the archaeological area, a tour around Tindari to discover what to see in its surroundings is highly recommended.

There, you will find also the oriented nature reserve of Laghetti Marinello! It is possible to see this area from the balcony of Tindari’s Sanctuary, from which you will have the impression of observing a strip of sand that resembles to the profile of a praying madonna; this particular shape of sand  gave birth to the spread of legends related to the Marian cult. It is a protected lagoon with a unique beauty in the world. A pleasant swim in its waters is the ideal to refresh yourself after visiting the Sanctuary and the archaeological area of Tindari. Now that you know what to see, you just have to be the next protagonist of this beautiful experience of faith, history and nature, better if with us!