Tour of Sicily with those who really know it

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Leaving for a Tour in Sicily will be an unforgettable experience, a journey which will guide you to discover its millennial history and the culture of an always welcoming people. The island is ready to fulfil every visitor desire, including the visit to cultural historical landscapes, or to incredible natural scenarios. If you are planning a Tour Sicily you should consider the possibility to rely on a multilingual and qualified guide team, which with passion and care for your needs, will show you a magic land full of surprises, with the promise of making you feel at home.

Tour Sicily: build your own experience

A tour in Sicily can be customized according to the preference of every visitor. If you are looking for an experience focused on the cultural heritage, the city of Messina is a strategic point where to start: since it is situated in the northernmost point of the island, it is perfect as a base to visit the oriental part of Sicily. What makes Messina a must see Sicily spot are its historic monuments, evidences of the troubled past of a city which has always had the strength and the courage of bouncing back. One of those monuments is the Catalans Church built in the XII century, the only church completely survived the catastrophic earthquake in 1908. For that reason, the basement level of the church is lower than the rest of the buildings, since the city was rebuilt on the rubble, thus raising the road level up to 3 mt. Another important monument of the city is the bell tower of the Cathedral Square, with the biggest astronomical clock in the world. On the bell tower  façade mechanic statues stand, setting in motion every day at midday and giving a performance which attracts lots of tourists. Each statue with its movement represents and reminds some events of the glorious history of the city, deserving to be revealed with our guides Sicily tours service walking tour. A local professional tour guide can be the answer to the Messina what to see question: she will show you everything of the city and she will take care of you and your experience with passion and dedication.

Another must see Sicily destination, which is worth including into your tour Sicily plan is Taormina. The “Pearl of the Mediterranean” will enchant you with its typical streets, its historical and noble palaces and the archeological area of the Greek Roman Theatre. Favorite spot of VIPs, Taormina is the perfect place where to feel the buzz of the “dolce vita”, getting lost in the local handicraft shops or the fashion designer boutiques.

But an authentic tour in Sicily should also include the tasting of the Sicilian traditional flavors, known all over the world. For that reason, it is impossible leaving the island without having eaten a cannolo, an arancino or a granita, just to name a few of the treats. If you are not worried about getting your hands dirty, there is also the possibility of trying the Cooking Class, making your own lunch preparing some typical local dishes, such as pizza, pasta or cannolo. During this very funny experience, our guests will learn the basis of the Sicilian culinary art and, with the expertise of the chef, they will follow the preparation of their own meal from the beginning to the eating!

Beside Taormina, which is among the most visited tourist destinations of the island, when planning a tour Sicily, you should also consider other little villages, less known, but which are the guardians of fine works of art and of the authentic Sicilian spirit. Among these, you can discover Castelmola, where to taste the famous almond wine, or the medieval villages of Savoca and Forza d’Agrò, chosen by F.F. Coppola as film set for “The Godfather” movie. Less known, but by no means less interesting, the village of Castiglione di Sicilia, with the wonderful Cuba of Santa Domenica and the Lauria Castle, and the villages of Fiumedinisi and Alì Superiore. All of these experiences are also available as a Sicily private tour, with a guide Sicily tours service, the best way to discover the island with the knowledge of a professional tour guide who will answer all of your questions.

Must see Sicily: the land of volcanoes

Sicily is an island with an ancient history and a huge cultural heritage. But for a complete tour Sicily you should also consider the amount of natural must see Sicily spots, such as Mount Etna. The highest  active volcano in Europe, not only gives us unique scenarios and lunar landscapes, but it is also one of the few places in the world where to sky looking at the sea. Volcanic ashes make the soil extremely fertile, thus helping the drainage of the soil and the growth of many local products, such us wine, apples and all kind of citrus trees. Among many Etna excursions you may choose a Sicily private tour if you prefer to live your excursion on your own, still trying our guides Sicily tours service for the best travel experience. Our professional guides will safely introduce you to the volcanic area, maybe through a trekking path or a mountain bike ride.

But Mount Etna is not the only must see Sicily spot. In fact, there are many others natural places which are worthy to visit, such as the Highland of Argimusco. This place is unknown to most people but has all the charm and the mystery of magic. It was maybe an ancient astronomic observatory where huge anthropomorphic and zoomorphic rocks stand, and despite many hypothesis about its past use, there is still so much more to learn about. The Highland is a short distance to Montalbano Elicona, a medieval village which in 2015 won the competition “The most beautiful Italian Village”: its streets and its wonderful castle deserve a visit.

For nature lover, another must see Sicily destination to be included in the tour Sicily is a visit to the Aeolian Islands. The “Seven Sisters” can give you the perfect holiday whether you are looking for a funny travel experience, or if you imagine this part of your tour in Sicily as a relaxing time surrounded by nothing but nature. For those who are focused on fun and nightlife, Lipari, Vulcano and Panarea will be the best options. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your time relishing silence and nature, then Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi are perfect for you. Salina is the greenest island of the archipelago,  having more than the half of its territory covered by a nature reserve, with wonderful paths and panoramic views. A tour in Sicily to the Aeolian Island means leave to discover a volcanic archipelago, showing its activity even today in the islands of Vulcano, with its fumarole on the Big Crater and the pool of sulphureous mud, and in the island of Stromboli, known for its regular explosive eruptions, daily observable also with a boat tour. If you have little time, a boat experience is the best way to discover the archipelago: so why not give yourself the possibility of a daily cruise or a sailboat stay around the islands?

To be accompanied by a local tour guide will add that little something to your tour Sicily, and it will let you discover a generous and energetic land, explosive as its volcanoes.