landscape views of "Capo Milazzo"

What to see in Sicily: a trip on the road to be discovered

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What to see in Sicily? Surely the beautiful city of Messina! One of the things to do in Sicily Italy is waiting noon in Piazza Duomo to see the astonishing show, unique in the world, of the bell tower, symbol of Messina and its monuments.

What to see in eastern Sicily

In this post we will focus our attention in particular on what to see in Sicily in its eastern side. One of the best things to do in Sicily is to stop in the pearl of the Mediterranean, Taormina. There, you can choose above various Taormina excursions or simply go shopping! If you do not know what to see in Taormina you can find in our blog many suggestions that anticipates you the possible things to do in Taormina in which there are there are breathtaking views and wonderful buildings and monuments.

On the road, you will certainly have no doubts about what to see in Sicily if not the majestic volcano that you will find in front of you, the highest in Europe. Etna deserves a visit because it offers many different experiences as walking tours with the clever Sicily tour guides, tourist train, cable car, trekking, bike and much more, and we are also sure that you will want to taste a glass of good local wine to warm you up!

On the slopes of Mount Etna you will see Catania, a vast territory to be discovered. Do an exciting tour Catania to discover this beautiful city full of history and traditions, always dedicated to trade and which today is considered the “Milan of the South”. To know the past and present of the place you can take the tourist train or the bus or do a walking tour always accompanied by the Sicily tour guides of Discover Messina Sicily, who will be happy to show you not only the artistic and cultural heritage but also tell you about the exciting festival of Sant'Agata that every year attracts millions of faithful, and is certainly one of the best and well known Sicily Italy tourist attractions.

After having enjoyed some good moments in the Ionian area of ​​Sicily between mountain and marine landscapes and having appreciated both the natural and artistic beauties, our Sicily tour to discover what to see in eastern Sicily now continues in the Tyrrhenian side. A worthy place to visit is certainly Milazzo, a town that has a great history. It was one of the very first Greek colonies, it was the setting of the first Punic war and also of the Expedition of the Thousand of Garibaldi and much more. You will appreciate this pleasant landscape especially in Capo Milazzo, a magical place with a wide view on the seven little sisters, the Aeolian Islands. From Milazzo there is the possibility to leave for an extraordinary Aeolian Islands mini cruise that will give you the evocative experience of living a day in a paradisiac place.

To find out more about what to see in Sicily, follow our blog on the website Discover Messina Sicily that every week share with you little tips on how to live an amazing Sicily tour!