It was in this place that during Greek and Roman times the acropolis of Messina was built. During the Norman period the first castle was built and denominated afterwards Matagriffone or Roccaguelfania in honor of Richard the “Lionheart” who stayed in Messina for about six months (1190-1191) before leaving for the third Crusade in the Holy Land.
Today, remains only a few parts from the fortified walls. In 1937 the memorial Chapel of Christ the King was inaugurated, it covers an area of about 600 square meters and it is situated on the top of a hill, that for its view is one of the most beautiful of the city. Of the ancient castle, only its octagonal tower remains, where in 1935 a 130 ton bell was erected. It was casted using bronze of the cannons subtracted from the enemies of the First World War. The Temple has an octagonal shape and it is surmounted by a dome that is etched with eight ribs at the base of which, are located, eight bronze statues that represent the virtues. Inside, in the middle of the crypt, lies a marble sarcophagus on which there is a soldier’s figure. In the wall there are about a thousand niches containing the bodies of the soldiers killed during the First World War.

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